Sunset Sounds Concert Series | Jesse Hameen II & Elevation

Butler-McCook House & Garden 396 Main Street, Hartford

Bring a lawn chair and a picnic dinner and enjoy music in the lovely setting of the Butler-McCook historic garden on the Richard P. Garmany Fund Music & Education Terrace at the Amos Bull House. Celebrate a featured artist’s exhibition opening at the Amos Bull & Butler-McCook Houses and experience free tours of the first floor of the Butler-McCook House & Garden.  


Armed with Sheep & Spinning Wheels

Nathan Hale Homestead 2299 South St, Coventry

Learn how women used clothing and textiles as a political tool during the American Revolutionary War. Jessica Green, Nathan Hale Homestead staff member and public historian, will discuss how the American Revolution triggered political branding through homespun products and the boycott of British fabrics

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