Exploring the Thames: Stories from a Colonial Diary and of Growth Along the River

City Pier New London

Joshua Hempsted began his diary in 1711 to keep track of his many business activities, court sessions, ship traffic, travels, and other events significant to New London and Connecticut. He kept a diary until just before his death in 1758. Join members of the Hempsted staff as they move through time and tell stories about John Winthrop Jr, the Rogerenes, the lighthouses, and the Battle of Groton Heights, where Stephen Hempsted was seriously wounded. The tour will include stories of the growth of shipbuilding, the Navy, and the Victorian times when the Harbor View neighborhood of summer cottages included one built by Wm. H. Hempsted, the businesses of Groton Bank, and the Avery-Copp House.

$20 – $30
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